Expected Results

  • Achieve up to 90% of water recovery from coal mine brines.
  • Promote the circular economy concept for brine treatment by the recovery of valuable for market end-products
  • Minimizaon of environmental impacts occurring due to uncontrolled disposal of coal mining brine
  • Landfill avoidance, as high-quality end-products can be recovered directly from wastewater, recycled and re-used.
  • Transferability of the project’s results to another industrial sector/market.
  • Communicaon and promoon of public awareness at local and regional level, authories, universies and saline wastewater treatment companies.
  • Policy recommendaons in the EU, due to relevant results of the project, for the industrial extracon of hard coal.
  • Socio-economic impact of the proposed acons to create an effecve value chain