Technical Video: Presentation of the Pilot System in Katowice, Poland

The pilot system can treat 0.8 m3/h and is currently installed in the Zhemoveet coal mine that discharges to the Vistula river. The project aims to enable the improvement of the saline wastewater management performance of coal mining activities by recovering useful and marketable materials as water and salts. This way, the environmental impact of coal mine activities associated with brine discharge is minimized, while closing the loop of brine effluent.

The main objective of the project is to provide an integrated solution for the management of coal mine effluents, including recovery of water and salts with high purity and quality. A demonstration plant is installed in Poland in order to treat a saline effluent derived from coal mining activities.

The Project’s expected results are:
Avoid discharge of 7000 cubic meters brine, per year
Recovery of 5782 t of clean water per year
432 t of salts will be produced every year
high purity Minerals and salts production
407 t of CO2 emissions savings

While more impressive results are expected in full-scale implementation.