LIFE Brine-Mining: An innovative solution for brine treatment with recovery of valuable end-products

Coal mines generate vast amounts of saline wastewaters. The direct drainage of these streams to surface water bodies results in their salinization, having a negative impact on their ecosystems. A surface water body exposed to excessive salinity is unsuitable for use in agricultural, municipal or industrial sectors, with adverse effects on the regional economy. LIFE Brine-Mining project aims in developing an innovative pilot system, which will treat coal mine brines and directly recover end-products complying with market specifications. The system is composed of two different parts, the first one will recover minerals and the second one, clean water and sodium chloride. All the end-products are characterized by high purity. Throughout the implementation of the project, the surface water quality in the area, where the innovative desalination plant will be installed, will be frequently monitored for the assessment of the environmental project’s impact.