LIFE Brine-Mining actions

The project is structured in a way to ensure its successful implementation. Below you may find the main actions of the project followed by a short description by Action.

A. Preparatory actions
ACTION A.1: Technical planning

This Action involves the procedure of preparing all the necessary documents for the smooth implementation of core implementation actions. Additionally, the elaboration of the Circular Economy Strategy for the coal mining sector in Poland, will take place.

B. Implementation actions
ACTION B.1: Engineering, construction and installation of the innovative demonstration (demo) system for the treatment of coal mine wastewater.

The objectives of this Action are to prepare the final engineering drawings for the manufacture of the LIFE BRINE-MINING prototype and to order, manufacture and purchase certain prototype system components. Also, the whole prototype system will be assembled and installed in coal mine facilities, in Poland.

ACTION B.2: Operation and optimization of the prototype LIFE BRINE-MINING system

Amongst the targets of Action B.2 is the 12-month operation of the prototype system and the production of “final dry salt” and clean water streams of high quality characteristics allowing their market exploitation. The prototype system will be optimized, while individuals will be trained to operate and maintain the prototype system. Finally, a detailed manual for guiding the operation of the system will be drafted.

ACTION B.3: Replicability and transferability of the project

The aim of this Action is to replicate and transfer the project results. For this purpose, the prototype will be tested in at least two other demo sites. Additionally, in order to facilitate the continuation of the project activities, geographical expansion activities will take place. Finally, promising markets will be considered and approached for the replication and transferability of the project results outside Europe.

ACTION B.4: Business plan and market exploitation

Action B.4 involves the preparation of a business plan for the coal mining sector based on the results from the demonstration activities of the project and also the preparation of another business plan for the two identified replication markets. Additionally, an investment memorandum will be prepared, while a Special Purpose Vehicle or a Framework Agreement will be established in order to be used as a vehicle to commercialize the project results.

ACTION B.5: Putting the project results into practice – Development of the circular economy plan for the coal mining sector

This action involves all the necessary activities for lifting the barriers that hinder the wide implementation of the proposed concept which enables a successful transition to a circular economy in the coal mine sector in Poland. For fostering investments in coal mine sector, key information regarding environmental sustainability will be provided to relevant stakeholders.

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
ACTION C.1: Monitoring Protocol and Baseline monitoring

In order to identify the progress and impact of the implementation of the proposed concept, on environmental and socio-economic level a monitoring protocol will be drafted, aiming at monitoring the outcomes of the project, as well as to acquire a clear and representative picture of the current situation (baseline).

ACTION C.2: Monitoring of process performance

The main objective of Action C.2 is to evaluate the performance of the applied LIFE BRINE-MINING system.

ACTION C.3: Monitoring the environmental impact of the project – Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the demo system

The main objective of this action is to evaluate the results of the implementation activities compared with the initial situation, objectives and expected results. For this purpose, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will be carried out, providing decision-support for the sustainable development of the BRINE-MINING system.

ACTION C.4: Monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the project

The overall objective of this Action is to monitor and evaluate on a regular basis the socio-economic impact of the project. A social life cycle assessment (S-LCA) will be conducted to assess the social aspects of products and processes, their actual and potential positive as well as negative impacts along the life cycle.

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results
ACTION D.1: Information and awareness raising activities

This Action involves the dissemination of project results and the raising of awareness regarding the environmental impacts of discharging coal mine wastewater as well as the innovative circular economy approach of the project. The target audience is the general public, EU projects consortia funded under LIFE program, Public authorities, Policy makers Saline wastewater treatment companies, Universities and Research institutes. The necessary dissemination tools and information materials regarding the project objectives and main findings, will be developed. Additionally, dissemination of the project outcomes in the international community, especially to other coal producing countries, will take place.

ACTION D.2: Technical dissemination activities

The activities of this action focus on the dissemination of the project results and outcomes to specialist audiences and policy makers. Therefore, activities are more focused on technical and/or policy issues. It is expected that from the dissemination of project results at this group of stakeholders the replication and the exploitation of the project results will be promoted.

E. Project management
The management of the project is carried out by the project coordinator (NTUA), in close collaboration with all the consortium partners. Management and Steering Committees will be formed in order to achieve the (i) timely and efficient coordination of project actions, (ii) the financial and technical management of the project and the (iii) regular reporting to the EC on the technical and financial progress of the project. Finally, monitoring and evaluating the project’s progress and performance will be carried out within this action.