Towards Circular Economy

EU Policies related to the discharge of Coal Mine Wastewater in Surface Waters

  • Water protection is a priority to the European Commission and several policies have been introduced to reduce the influence of pressures on transitional, coastal, marine and fresh waters

  • Water Framework Directive: demands that all rivers basins in the area of the European Union will be in “good ecological condition” by 2027

  • Marine Strategy Framework Directive: aims in protecting the marine environment across Europe

  • Circular Economy Package: aims in the reduction of waste and in the establishment of a long-term path for waste management and recycling

  • European Green Deal: reduction of GHG emissions by 90% until 2050

  • Just Transition Mechanism: key instrument to ensure no one stays behind in the transition towards a climate-neutral economy

  • The implementation of the WFD in Poland is a major challenge, due to the limited water resources in the country combined with the increase of salinity in the waterways near the areas of mining

These data were kindly provided by SEALEAU