Deliverables per action

A. Preparatory actions

ACTION A.1: Technical planning

B. Implementation actions

ACTION B.1: Engineering, construction and installation of the innovative demonstration (demo) system for the treatment of coal mine wastewater.
ACTION B.2: Operation and optimization of the prototype LIFE BRINE-MINING system
ACTION B.3: Replicability and transferability of the project
ACTION B.4: Business plan and market exploitation
ACTION B.5: Putting the project results into practice – Development of the circular economy plan for the coal mining sector

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

ACTION C.1: Monitoring Protocol and Baseline monitoring
ACTION C.2: Monitoring of process performance
ACTION C.3: Monitoring the environmental impact of the project – Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the demo system
ACTION C.4: Monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the project

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

ACTION D.1: Information and awareness raising activities
ACTION D.2: Technical dissemination activities

E. Project management