Visitors from Greece, Cyprus and England to the Katowice Pilot System – 23 November

Last day of the Open Site Visits to the LIFE BRINE-MINING Pilot System in Katowice, Poland. Valued stakeholders from Greece, Cyprus and England had the opportunity to see in action and ask the experts about the Innovative Prototype Desalination System which uses an advanced technique for eliminating coal mine wastewater (brines) combined with resource recovery.

The visit was supported by academics, experts and partners from the NTUA team, the SUT team, the PGG and NEVIS. Vivid discussion followed from the stakeholders and visitors that are representing the energy and engineering sector.

The Daily Open Day Site Visits to the Demo took place from 8 to 23 November 2023 on the premises ponds in Katowice, Lędziny, Poland.